Prague Stringology Conference 2013

Sabrina Mantaci, Antonio Restivo, Giovanna Rosone and Marinella Sciortino

Sorting Suffixes of a Text via its Lyndon Factorization

The process of sorting the suffixes of a text plays a fundamental role in Text Algorithms. They are used for instance in the constructions of the Burrows-Wheeler transform and the suffix array, widely used in several fields of Computer Science. For this reason, several recent researches have been devoted to finding new strategies to obtain effective methods for such a sorting. In this paper we introduce a new methodology in which an important role is played by the Lyndon factorization, so that the local suffixes inside factors detected by this factorization keep their mutual order when extended to the suffixes of the whole word. This property suggests a versatile technique that easily can be adapted to different implementative scenarios.

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