Corpus files

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FileSize [Bytes]DescriptionType
firewrks1,440,054Sound of fireworksAudio
thunder3,172,048Sound of thunderAudio
drkonqi111,056KDE crash handlerBinary
libc0648,12A dynamic-link libraryBinary
mirror90,968A part of the software packageBinary
abbot349,055Part of interior design applicationBinary
gtkprint37,56A shared objectBinary
wnvcrdt328,55A database fileDatabase
w01vett1,381,141A database fileDatabase
emission2,498,560Waterbase emissions dataDatabase
bovary2,202,291Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary, in GermanDocuments
modern388,909Axel Lundegard, Ernst Ahlgren: Modern. En berättelse, in Swedish Documents
ultima1,073,079Mack Reynolds: Ultima Thule, in EnglishDocuments
lusiadas625,664Luís Vaz de Camoes: Os Lusíadas, in PortugueseDocuments
venus13,432,142Ultraviolet image of Venus' cloudsGraphics
nightsht14,751,763A photo of a city at nightGraphics
flower10,287,665A photo of a flowerGraphics
corilis1,262,483CORILIS land cover dataGraphics
cyprus555,986Air Quality Monitoring in CyprusMarkup languages
hungary3,705,107Air Quality Monitoring in HungaryMarkup languages
compress111,646Wikipedia page about data compressionMarkup languages
lzfindmt22,922C source code from a file archiverScripts
render15,984C++ source code from an action gameScripts
handler11,873Java source code from the GPS tracking systemScripts
usstate8,251Java source code from the GPS tracking systemScripts
collapse2,871JavaScript source code from the project management frameworkScripts
xmlevent7,542PHP source code from the calenedar generatorScripts
mailflder43,732Python source code from the ECM frameworkScripts
age137,216Age structure in the worldSpreadsheets
higrowth129,536Financial calculationsSpreadsheets

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Last updated: Apr 16 2012