LaTeX2e Style for PSC Proceedings

Dear author, please consider the following instructions for preparing your contribution for Prague Stringology Conference Proceedings:

We urge not to (re-)define various definitions, theorems and proofs environments by individual authors. Wherever possible, use the LNCS standard ones. If some style or environment will be incompatible (either technically or visually) with the style of the proceedings, it will be removed during the preparation of manuscript.

Do not use hyperref package. This results in an option clash as we need to have our own setup.

If you use AMS fonts and macros then instead of: 1\over 2 and n \choose 2 do use commands \frac{1}{2}, \binom{n}{2}, respectively.

List of files

(LLNCS2e style as well as author instructions can be obtained also from Springer Verlag's Information for Authors of Computer Science Publications.)
Please, do not forget to say \usepackage{pscproc2.sty} at the beginning of your contribution LaTeX source file, right after \documentclass[envcountsame]{llncs}.

In case of any problems concerning PSC style please contact the proceedings editor(s).
Created by: Jan rek
Last updated: Jul 23 2019