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Data Compression Applets Library

Data Compression Applets Library was created at the Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The applets and the descriptions were created by students in Data Compression course during the summer term 2005/2006. These pages were created by leading and with assistance of:

These pages offer information and links to make sense of process of compression algorithms. Nowadays you can visit almost twenty compres algoritms on these pages (see content). Each algorithm is implemented as a Java applet. The implemented compression algorithms are dissociated into four sections (groups of compression methods):

Each compression algorithm contains also its description. This description consists of several sections:

In addition of the implemented algorithms these website contains other useful information of data compression:

Now we want to thank all the students that worked on the library in their individual works in Data Compression course.

We appreciate all suggestions how make this site better. Please, send them to address