Prague Stringology Conference 2013

Shuhei Denzumi, Koji Tsuda, Hiroki Arimura and Shin-ichi Minato

Compact Complete Inverted Files for Texts and Directed Acyclic Graphs Based on Sequence Binary Decision Diagrams

A complete inverted file is an abstract data type that provides functions for text retrieval. Using it, we can retrieve frequencies and occurrences of strings for given texts. There have been various complete inverted files for texts. However, complete inverted files for graphs have not been studied. In this paper, we define complete inverted files based on sequence binary decision diagrams (SDD) for directed acyclic graphs (DAG). Directed acyclic graphs are given as sequence binary decision diagrams. We propose new complete inverted files called PosFSDD and PosFSDDdag for a text and a DAG, respectively. We also present algorithms to construct them and to retrieve occurrence information from them. Computational experiments are executed to show the efficiency of PosFSDDs.

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