Prague Stringology Conference 2023

Prague Stringology Conference 2023 was held at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science of Czech Technical University in Prague on August 28–29, 2023. Papers of PSC 2023 were published in conference proceedings.

The following papers were accepted to the PSC 2023:

Invited talk
Cyril Nicaud Theoretical Perspectives on Algorithmic Choices Made in Programming Languages
Published Regular Contributions
Yuki Yonemoto, Yuto Nakashima and Shunsuke Inenaga Computing SEQ-IC-LCS of Labeled Graphs
Peter Damaschke Tandem Duplication Parameterized by the Length Difference
Holly Koponen, Mhaskar Neerja and William F. Smyth Improved Practical Algorithms to Compute Maximal Covers
Estéban Gabory, Eric Rivals, Michelle Sweering, Hilde Verbeek and Pengfei Wang Periodicity of Degenerate Strings
Tamanna Chhabra, Sukhpal Singh Ghuman and Jorma Tarhio Approximate String Searching with AVX2 and AVX-512
Ondřej Guth On Expressive Power of Regular Expressions with Subroutine Calls and Lookaround Assertions
Igor O. Zavadskyi Efficient Integer Retrieval from Unordered Compressed Sequences
Yoav Gross, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Elina Opalinsky and Dana Shapira Selective Weighted Adaptive Coding
Sergio De Agostino A Worst Case Analysis of the LZ2 Compression Algorithm with Bounded Size Dictionaries
Kfir Cohen, Yonatan Feigel, Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira Turning Compression Schemes into Crypto-Systems

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Organization of the PSC 2023

Chair: Jan Holub and Solon P. Pissis
Program Committee: Amihood Amir, Gabriela AndrejkovŠ, Simone Faro, Frantisek Franek, Jan Holub, Shunsuke Inenaga, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Dominik Köppl, Thierry Lecroq, Solon P. Pissis, Marie-France Sagot, William F. Smyth, Teresa Anna Steiner, Bruce W. Watson and Jan Žďárek
Organizing Committee: Ondřej Guth, Jan Holub, Tomáš Pecka, Štěpán Plachý, Regina Šmídová, Jan Trávníček and Jan Žďárek