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Prague Stringology Conference 2014

Prague Stringology Conference 2014 was held at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science of Czech Technical University in Prague on September 1–3, 2014. Acting language was English. Papers of PSC 2014 were published in conference proceedings. The conference was followed by Summer StringMasters 2014.

The following papers were accepted to the PSC 2014:

Invited talk
Frantisek Franek On the Number of Distinct Squares
Published Regular Contributions
Ryutaro Kurai, Norihito Yasuda, Hiroki Arimura, Shinobu Nagayama and Shin-ichi Minato Fast Regular Expression Matching Based On Dual Glushkov NFA
Tinus Strauss, Derrick G. Kourie, Bruce W. Watson and Loek Cleophas A Process-Oriented Implementation of Brzozowski's DFA Construction Algorithm
Domenico Cantone and Simone Faro Efficient Online Abelian Pattern Matching in Strings by Simulating Reactive Multi-Automata
Shohei Matsuda, Shunsuke Inenaga, Hideo Bannai and Masayuki Takeda Computing Abelian Covers and Abelian Runs
Haoyue Bai, Frantisek Franek and William F. Smyth Two Squares Canonical Factorization
Robert Susik, Szymon Grabowski and Kimmo Fredriksson Multiple Pattern Matching Revisited
Branislav Ďurian, Tamanna Chhabra, Sukhpal Singh Ghuman, Tommi Hirvola, Hannu Peltola and Jorma Tarhio Improved Two-Way Bit-parallel Search
Bruce W. Watson, Loek Cleophas and Derrick G. Kourie Using Correctness-by-Construction to Derive Dead-zone Algorithms
Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira Random Access to Fibonacci Codes
Kerttu Pollari-Malmi, Jussi Rautio and Jorma Tarhio Speeding up Compressed Matching with SBNDM2
Alexander Tiskin Threshold Approximate Matching in Grammar-Compressed Strings
Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira Metric Preserving Dense SIFT Compression
Bastien Cazaux and Eric Rivals Approximation of Greedy Algorithms for Max-ATSP, Maximal Compression, Maximal Cycle Cover, and Shortest Cyclic Cover of Strings
Golnaz Badkobeh, Hideo Bannai, Keisuke Goto, Tomohiro I, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Shunsuke Inenaga, Simon J. Puglisi and Shiho Sugimoto Closed Factorization
Sukhpal Singh Ghuman, Emanuele Giaquinta and Jorma Tarhio Alternative Algorithms for Lyndon Factorization
Szymon Grabowski and Marcin Raniszewski Two Simple Full-Text Indexes Based on the Suffix Array
Peter Leupold Reducing Squares in Suffix Arrays
Szymon Grabowski New Tabulation and Sparse Dynamic Programming Based Techniques for Sequence Similarity Problems

Download proceedings: PSC2014.pdf
Download full BibTeX source: BibTeX source

Organization of the PSC 2014

Chair: Jan Holub and Thierry Lecroq
Program Committee: Amihood Amir, Gabriela AndrejkovŠ, Maxime Crochemore, Simone Faro, Frantisek Franek, Jan Holub, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Shunsuke Inenaga, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Thierry Lecroq, Bořivoj Melichar, Yoan Pinzón, Marie-France Sagot, William F. Smyth, Bruce W. Watson and Jan Žďárek
Organizing Committee: Miroslav Balík, Jan Holub, Jan Janoušek, Bořivoj Melichar and Jan Žďárek