Prague Stringology Conference 2015

Prague Stringology Conference 2015 was held at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science of Czech Technical University in Prague on August 24–26, 2015. Acting language was English. Papers of PSC 2015 were published in conference proceedings. The conference was followed by Summer StringMasters 2015.

The following papers were accepted to the PSC 2015:

Invited talk
Shunsuke Inenaga A Faster Longest Common Extension Algorithm on Compressed Strings and its Applications
Published Regular Contributions
Takaaki Nishimoto, Yuto Nakashima, Shunsuke Inenaga, Hideo Bannai and Masayuki Takeda Computing Left-Right Maximal Generic Words
Adrien Thierry Combinatorics of the Interrupted Period
Domenico Cantone, Simone Faro and M. Oğuzhan Külekci An Efficient Skip-Search Approach to the Order-Preserving Pattern Matching Problem
Tamanna Chhabra, M. Oğuzhan Külekci and Jorma Tarhio Alternative Algorithms for Order-Preserving Matching
Iván Castellanos and Yoan Pinzón Efficient Algorithm for δ-Approximate Jumbled Pattern Matching
Tamanna Chhabra, Sukhpal Singh Ghuman and Jorma Tarhio Tuning Algorithms for Jumbled Matching
Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira Enhanced Extraction from Huffman Encoded Files
Michael Hirsch, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Dana Shapira and Yair Toaff Controlling the Chunk-Size in Deduplication Systems
Mhaskar Neerja and Michael Soltys A Formal Framework for Stringology
Bruce W. Watson, Derrick G. Kourie and Loek Cleophas Quantum Leap Pattern Matching
Juan Mendivelso and Yoan Pinzón Parameterized Matching: Solutions and Extensions
Simone Faro and Arianna Pavone Refined Tagging of Complex Verbal Phrases for the Italian Language

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Organization of the PSC 2015

Chair: Jan Holub and Frantisek Franek
Program Committee: Amihood Amir, Gabriela AndrejkovŠ, Maxime Crochemore, Simone Faro, Frantisek Franek, Jan Holub, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Shunsuke Inenaga, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Thierry Lecroq, Bořivoj Melichar, Yoan Pinzón, Marie-France Sagot, William F. Smyth, Bruce W. Watson and Jan Žďárek
Organizing Committee: Miroslav Balík, Jan Holub, Jan Janoušek, Bořivoj Melichar and Jan Žďárek