The Prague Stringology Conference 2005

The Prague Stringology Conference '05 was held at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on August 29-31, 2005. Acting language was English. Papers of PSC 2005 were published in proceedings. The conference is listed in DBLP.

The following papers were accepted to the PSC 2005:

Published Regular Contributions
Simon J. Puglisi, William F. Smyth and Andrew Turpin A Taxonomy of Suffix Array Construction Algorithms
Sergio De Agostino Bounded Size Dictionary Compression: Relaxing the LRU Deletion Heuristic
Jussi Rautio Context-dependent Stopper encoding
Jan Lahoda and Bořivoj Melichar General Pattern Matching on Regular Collage System
Juha Kärkkäinen Alphabets in Generic Programming
Kimmo Fredriksson, Veli Makinen and Gonzalo Navarro Flexible Music Retrieval in Sublinear Time
Yoan Pinzón, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Gad M. Landau and Manal Mohamed Approximation Algorithm for the Cyclic Swap Problem
Ahmed Cheriat, Agata Savary, Béatrice Bouchou and Mírian Halfeld Ferrari Incremental String Correction: Towards Correction of XML Documents
Loek Cleophas, Kees Hemerik and Gerard Zwaan A Missing Link in Root-to-Frontier Tree Pattern Matching
Szymon Grabowski, Veli Makinen, Gonzalo Navarro and Alejandro Salinger A Simple Alphabet-Independent FM-Index
Amihood Amir Asynchronous Pattern Matching - Metrics
Elise Prieur-Gaston and Thierry Lecroq From Suffix Trees to Suffix Vectors
Frantisek Franek and William F. Smyth Reconstructing a Suffix Array
Ernest Ketcha Ngassam, Derrick G. Kourie and Bruce W. Watson Reordering Finite Automata States for Fast String Recognition
Jan Anto¹ and Bořivoj Melichar Backward Pattern Matching Automaton
Heikki Hyyrö and Gonzalo Navarro Bit-Parallel Computation of Local Similarity Score Matrices with Unitary Weights
Domenico Cantone and Simone Faro A Space Efficient Bit-Parallel Algorithm for the Multiple String Matching Problem
Shmuel Tomi Klein and Dana Shapira Compressed Pattern Matching in JPEG Images

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Organization of the PSC 2005

Chair: Bořivoj Melichar
Program Committee: Amihood Amir, Gabriela Andrejková, Jun-ichi Aoe, Maxime Crochemore, Frantisek Franek, Jan Holub, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Shmuel Tomi Klein, Thierry Lecroq, Bořivoj Melichar, Yoan Pinzón, Marie-France Sagot and Bruce W. Watson
Organizing Committee: Miroslav Balík, Jan Holub, Bořivoj Melichar and Milan ©imánek